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I am trying to locate someone from saxon mortgage about my loan. I recieved a discharge back in 2011 due to fire i had. I tried to reach title company and lien release department no one has information. Now i am thrown out of my home by wells fargo mortgage and dont know why?

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Saxon never took there name off the house so its a lean on it owcen seems to dont no that was a transfer

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I sold my Parents home back in 2001, I went through Standard Mortgage at the time. Once everything went through there was a 3,500 payment that was due to me, I have been trying over and over trying to get someone to listen to me on regards to this, and no one gives a Dam. But I do because this was my parents home, and I think that they took something from me and my family. I did contact them in regards to this, and I got nothing from these... Read more

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Does anyone know how I can join in a class action in the state of Tennessee? I've seen class action suits for several states, including PA (where I now reside), but the house they stole from me was in Knoxville, TN. I was fighting to save my dream house in 2008, and they simply refused to accept my payments until they could foreclose. It was nearly impossible to talk to anyone at the company. They finally sent me a foreclosure notice... Read more

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saxon morgauge took 5128.00 at closing they said i prepaid my loan too early i have a realty agent that said there is no such agreement in any mortgauge this happened in2008 i dont know to find the wright way to resolve this matter.i am going to hire an attorney to find a resoulitoin to this cheating i cant believe the amount of class action suits against the mortgauge companys during housing meltdown i wish you could help mei curently dont... Read more

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Novastar sold my mortgage to Saxon. Novastar supposedly went bankrupt. Was one payment late. Novastar initiated foreclosure through Deutsche Bank, but so did Saxon. Was being foreclosed on by 2 mortgage companies for the same loan for the same house. How was this legal? I served them papers asking to accounting of my loan, which neither replied. Novastar was represented by Deutsche Bank, and Saxon was represented by Schneiderman &... Read more

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Went thru the same *** as everyone else with Saxon mortgage. Sent in three loan mod applications to Texas and Tn. Saxon always said they never received paperwork. They forclosed on my home but I was able to sell it before they finished the forclosure. Saxon made me sell it as a short sale. I sold the home for more than I owed them even after the realtor was paid. Somehow they filed a short sale for more than $11,000.00 What a bunch of crooks I... Read more

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Made 3 successful trial payments then Saxon claimed they sent a modified agreement which I never received, they took me off the plan for failure to make scheduled payments, I fought to keep my home for 3 years finally giving up to a short sale, received settlement check from independentforeclosurereview for a pitifull $300.00.I was under the impression after 3 on time trial payments I was to be converted over to a permanent modification, never... Read more

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I was eligible for a modification in 2010 and never issued...I send them document on documents, yet nothing done, I mean it was completed I was told.. Over the phone, after I called n callled to get the status, That, they wont do a medication in my loan. Now the house will be foreclose on in June 2012 I truly do want to loose my home. I hope I could stop the foreclose in time. Now the Saxon had transfer the note to a new lender Ocwen, I hope... Read more

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In 2009 I lost my job and fell behind on payments. I asked for a modification it took nearly 6 months to get the papers. Paid them a ridiculous amount of money to modify and was then told my last "trialpay" was late and that was it. We received notice to vacate the house and did so. The home is in a private community and we must pay dues. The bank never paid the dues and never transferred the deed back to them! Three years later we bought... Read more

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