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Does anyone know how I can join in a class action in the state of Tennessee?I've seen class action suits for several states, including PA (where I now reside), but the house they stole from me was in Knoxville, TN.

I was fighting to save my dream house in 2008, and they simply refused to accept my payments until they could foreclose. It was nearly impossible to talk to anyone at the company. They finally sent me a foreclosure notice suggesting I talk to a mortgage modification specialist (and naming one I should contact). It took their specialist hours just to reach someone on the phone for a three way conference call between me, the specialist, and Saxon.

They refused to take the payment to bring the mortgage current, and suggested I apply for a "loan modification" (which I had already done). Then told me I didn't qualify for the modification because I wasn't current on my payments... "Get current on the payments, and we can process the modification" was what we were told. I said "No problem, but you keep sending my payments back.

I can do that right now, with a check over the phone, debt, VISA, or even a wire transfer". Which led back to "I'm sorry, we can't accept your payment at this time". After going around like this several times being as civil as we possibly could, the Saxon Representative hung up. Even the specialist THEY suggested to to to resolve the matter asked me "Why are they trying to steal your house?".

I have a witness to all this- more than one, in fact. We ended up loosing the home. That was our dream house. We worked for 20 years to buy THAT house- that was our happily ever after, and it was ripped away from us.

To have the company I trusted to finance it refuse to accept the payments when we had the money to make them, then foreclose because I'm behind on the payments; steal my family's home and destroy our credit... I didn't know that kind of thing was even possible in 21st century U.S. of A.

I've tried to just move on and put this behind me, but it still haunts me and I'm still pissed 5 years later.If I can't join an existing suit, I'm going to file one of my own, so if anyone is interested (or knows of an existing suit) please contact me at

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #744264

Sounds like you failed to make your mortgage payments on time, the property was foreclosed and now you want to blame somebody else for your misfortune. Time to stand up and take responsibility for your actions, mate.

to nikalseyn Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #744453

Was late on two payments, yes- but that was months earlier.This all went down when they were in danger of going out of business in '08.

I didn't believe this stuff could happen either until it did.Hope you never have to find out.

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