I to have my home morgage through Saxon, bought from Nova Star.With an Ajustable rate.

Last Nov, they called to tell me of my increase and spoke as if me paying 200 more a month was a prize. I was informed that the increase would take on Jan 1st So I sent in Dec payment as usual, which to them wasn't enough because they applied the increase to Dec instead of Jan. So they put my money into "suspense" and continued to say that I was behind. I called For the next 3 months trying to get it taken care of to no avail.

I tried refinancing my home value had dropped by 5000 so was unable to do that. After the readjust in June now they are saying I'm a month ahead. I'm afraid to see what will happen come this January.

Is there help for people out there who make their morgage payments or only for the ones who have let their payments fall behind?

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