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Hi all...I called saxon a while back & finally was able to speak to a rep...told her to send me my note, just to see what would happen....the rep said, she would send it out...never received it...Then, i mailed the legal form to Produce the Note...surprise, no response...Again, i sent via certified mail to Athena Walker, of the Outreach program..also, on the envelope I wrote it to her attn. & the CEO of the company..if there is one...i have gotten several names of CEOs from reps & most reps have no idea who the CEOs, don't know who you are working for....SEND everything certified...write down all names of reps you speak to and ask for their id #'s...dates, times etc....very important to keep track of everything sent...i set up files on my computer for saxon & one for Cherokee001, but we talk almost daily & are so fed up & are not giving up....stay strong people & fight not be scared these are your diligent and assertive..any questions for the east coast..please feel free to e-mail me at in subject area put saxon complaint site so i do not spam....hang in there...and all the best to you all...there is help out there & myself & cherokee001 can guide you the best we

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Vandemere, North Carolina, United States #57228

hi again brian...e-mail me if you want to and you can refresh my memory, like i said, i have been getting so many e-mails....i did a lot of researching this wkend and am continue to do so...ON SAXON, SCAM ARTISTS


Hi its me again.Can you tell me who to contct as far as the lawyer who is going to handle this whole thing?

Also, Even though Im out of my home I am still going after these people and am going to challenge them on my note. What legal form do I have to send them? I know calling the A--holes aint going to do a thing. I saw the report on news 7 and it all makes sense to go after them.

I am in the Sacramento ca area and if I can get back what is rightfully mine I want to. I am NOT going to give up on this. They scared us out of our home in Feb.09 and I thought this was normal routine for a mortgage company .They did not attemp to give us a loan mod. and they set up a payment plan that they new would be out of our reach.THEY WANTED US TO FAIL AT OUR LOAN!

Today, There still has been nothing done to my old home and they threatened us with a trustee sale just before we left. Im very pleased to know that Im not the only one out here who has been dealing with these people.

Although I am ouy of my home I still would like to help others stay in theres.COUNT ME IN TO GO AFTER THESE PEOPLE AND AGAIN THANK YOU BOTH(CHEROKEE001 AND HARLEYMAMMA03 I can be reached at

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