i too have been going through the run around with saxon..i've been trying to get a loan modification since feb..never got a return call i've been through 3 reps with not one single return call..they lost paper work..put 5,000 dollars in a 'CREDIT FOR 3 MONTHS' i'm now in foreclosure and i give up..they can have my house ...i tried calling 2-3 times a day...it's not worth the fight anymore..i called today to tell them i'm done..all of a sudden their ears perked up ..we'll see if i get a call now...but i quit..saxon is useless and should not be in business

Monetary Loss: $189.

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Lone Star, Texas, United States #28155

I know just what you both are saying.I have been fighting with them for over 1 year.After my interest rate raised over 6!

pts in one sweep. I didn't even know that was legal! Then I worked with their repayment/modification department what a joke! I just went to pay them...which had to be done through western union, and the payment wouldn't go through, because they said it wasn't a full amount.

It was the amount they told me 2 days earlier and now it's 100 more?! I flat out asked them if they wanted my house rather than my money and mysteriously they got "disconnected." I am still fighting them. I refuse to give up my house, mainly because 1. I have no way to rent a place for me and my children as cheap as my mortgage should be (was) 2.

My credit looks like a war zone due to the amount of erroneous 30 day postings, etc. they've placed and keep "working on" to fix. 3. I am determined to win this idiotic game.

I'm going through a mortgage modification company and then I am going to start sending my payments in $1.00 money orders.I figure the cost of that will equal the cost of their bizarre fees.

Artem, Primor'ye, Russian Federation #26417

I am going through the same thing. I have had it, it is not worth the stress. They can have my condo, and shove it.

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