I have been trying to get a loan modification since oct.2008.I have faxed my financial packet four times.

In nov. I was told it was assigned but I could never speak with the person taking care of it. In dec. I was told it was lost.

Now we are in feb of 2009 and nothing has happened. I guess they would rather have my home back, then receive lower payments and all their money back that was borrowed.

Everytime I call, Iam given a new story Half of the homes in my city are for sale.Good luck selling mine.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I am in the same situation here in wyoming.Tryed the loan modification got the same run around every one else is having.It has not been asigned to negotiator.Who the *** is this person.Sent my package 3 times.No one knows where it is.So finaly I had enough called saxon and told them if they dont get the ball rollin im turning this B.S loan modification over to my state attorney generals office.Well that must be the magic word.I was transfered to loss midigation and they said I would have approval in 5 days.Well its been 2 days so I will let you know what Saxon says.They sure do suck.

Delle, Franche-Comte, France #53801

nothey don't want the money they can get their money from AIG which insures them then Aig gets part oftheir money back from our tax dollars that we just gave them, then they try to sell your house for whatever they can get. but here's the kicker then AIG will sue yiu for the remainder.no bail out for you


they useless and this is what is wrong the american mortgage industry and if government do not start forcing these companies to do the right thing we should fire our governmental representives. i hope saxson mortgage goes out of business.

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