we filed bankruptcy in 05, we payed our bankruptcy off in 08,3yrs early,while in bankruptcy there were increases that only saxon was awhere of they failed to notify of these changes!then in 07 saxon opens an escrow account,agaian without notification,pays my o8taxes and pays my 09taxes a year early!

they acceppted our payoff from our bankruptcy trustee,then a month later filed an objection! with no amount due that we owe! according to saxon they neverthey never got the payoff,of39,000$, and that we are 6mnths behind on our payments! every time we call to get the amont owed it changes!

we have made every payment! through the bankruptcy trustee and since april of 08 on our own! they want us to do a loan modification, but they don't have an exact figure! we tried to refinance in oct with another bank,but we now owe more on our home than its worth!

we have tried to talk with them and they get mad and hang up or threaten foreclosure!does anyone have the answers to help or know how to bring this crooked beast down!

Monetary Loss: $183.

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