I have done a series of radio programs on Saxon. I would like to interview all and inform you that the FEDS have shut down Saxon . You need to file complaints with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

I have done YOU TUBES and write on this topic. we need your help. It has taken four years to get anyone to listen at all. We need to organize and make these stories public nationally. Saxon committed crimes and covered them up as well. See www.theEthicalDoctor.com. and www.bankcrimes.com

We will post your materials. Write to doctorvikki@gmail.com

Also pass this on . Email others . SAXON was closed last week and independent counsel in place. We need to now deal with this phase.

Dr. Vikki Hufnagel

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After reviewing my credit score grom purchasing a home in 2003 and my loan being sold to many more companies in 2006 they damaged my credit by putting the full loan amount as unpaid.Hpw os this possible to dobto my credit.

On 2006 when i paid for the home to another mortgage company that they sold the loan to up to the year of 2008. My home had a fire i signed the insurance proceeds over to the new mortgage company that bout my loan from saxton. For five years i battled the mortgage companies with an attorney. They settled for a small dollar amount keep the insurance proceeds to build the house and gave us the forgiveness loan through the courts.

Today i run my credit on 9 of the year of 2015 and they have the loan amount on my credit showing closed. Should i sue them for the loan amount for trashing my credit all these years?

How do they get away with this.I fought for my home suffered and they did what they wanted.


they tell you ,you dont get hamp 3 times then send you a letter saying they sold it,then send u a letter of foreclose,this is all a way of washing funds after they got bailed out,they have no intentions on helping any one,*** and fredie and saxton are all rip offs they right *** loans out of greed then take your down payment and throw you out,i sure hope they all 3 go off the fiscal cliff :grin :grin


Brad has the facts correct. Saxon is still open.


hey brad my name is tameka and we were bullied right out of our house and now our credit is ruined and saxon is the cause....the story is too long to get into but is there a lawsuit going on and any info that can help us can you ablige?

this company ruined our lives and the lives of our 5 children!!!please call with any info 843-452-7099


Actually none of that is true- The feds issued a consent order against saxon; they've also hit 5 other shops. Saxon has been selling off their loans since January and as of this date they are still open and servicing loans.

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