I filed a RESPA complaint against Saxon they acknowledged receiving it but did not honor it .Instead they went ahead a did the trustee sale.

Now they refuse to resend my property back to me with the bogus excuse that I never had any contact with them. Yet I have letters from them saying that they had received the financial packets from me and were reviewing them and someone would call me in a few weeks. Noone called. I called them but could never get through to them I contacted HopeNow and they also took the info down and forwarded it to Saxon.

This was in April 2008 they acknowledged receiving it and said they would contact me soo then I sent over another 4 financial packets and waited I was told bu customer service tht it was sent over to loss mitigation. I continued to call and write but never got an answer In June I spoke to customer service and said they were still reviewing it. In Oct & Nov I spoke to a rep and was told that my file had just been sent over in Sept. to wait for a call later i Nov.

I was told that my loan modification was denied in July I was never notified yet I was told the oppisite In begining of Dec I filed a RESPA complaint because I could get no answers from them and I was told many differnt things even though they rec'd the complaint prior to the sale date they still sold my home. Now I cant get them to resend my property back to me and all they can come up with is that I never had any contact with them. I have alredy proven to them that they are wrong but now they have issued an eviction and still have not attempted to respond to RESPA and it does not look like they are going to I have hired a laywer to sue them and he is having difficukties getting them to give him the name and numbers to the people he needsto talk to to resolve this matter.

This company is a horrible company to deal with and they should be put out of business.Who want s to help sue them so that they can't do this to others?

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #53722


That is so correct! The only thing that will pull the reins on Saxon is to get a class act together and sue! We recently challenged them with the "Note" strategy and while the Judge had Saxon's attorney's on speaker phone right in the courtroom, Judge gave them until March 16 to produce the note, Saxon's attorney's hung up! Is that not incredible?

Hung up on the Judge for crying out loud!!

Good Luck y'all let me know if anyone in San Jose, Ca.

needs a Bankruptcy Att.ours is the one who is challenging Saxon with the Note.

dturtledove @ aol.com


RESPA has very little teeth.Since Bush was in office corruption is terrible.

Saxon can only feel a need to do right if people start suing them. Encourage all you now to sue even if it is pro se.

The litigation will drown them.Join in and sue.

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