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I have never had such a problem trying to work with any lender till now.Saxon mortgage has to be the most foolish lender i have ever dealt with.

We got behind on a payment and with the cost of gas and home heating oil we just couldn't catch up. We contacted Saxon several times telling them the reason why we got behind and that we would like to re-write the loan and maybe bring down the rate from our 9.5% to a lower rate so we could save some money for future problems that would arise. They told us that we needed to pay them up completely in three months. Our monthly payment is $2,554.00 per month now and that would raise it to over $800.00 per month.

Making our payment $3,354.00. They would not take our payment of $2,554.00 because it was not the full payment that they wanted. So we are now holding on to our Mortgage payments in order that we have some money when we are foreclosed on. We wanted to make the extra payments but to be honest we are strapped for extra cash.

guess will move on and hope for the best. I just wounder why Saxon doesn't try to help their clients out when things happen.

If I where them in this economy I would rather have something than nothing and paying legal fees to foreclose on someone that makes it even more of a loss for them.

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saxon mortgage has lost all of my paper work, since may of 08!

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