I have been trying to modify my loan since sept 08.I was turned down twice so I hired a company to help me and they turned them down.

I tried to pay $4000.00 but they wouldnt take it because it wasnt the whole amount I owed. I hate Saxon and they are not trying to help at all. They should be shut down. I dont know what else I can do to save my house.

Im at a loss. I explained to them I just had a baby and wasnt working, my husband is.

That doesnt matter.They gave me the run around and now here I am about to lose my house.

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RICK....I just called the FTC and filed another complaint...the woman i spoke with said she has been receiving many complaints about saxon...what a frkn shock..i did post a comment on 4/19/10 to start a list of saxon clients to submit to anyone & everyone who will take action against this fraudulent company...the more signatures the better chance we can win this fight....i am personally going into manhattan & handing my 10 lb. file to morgan stanley who owns saxon...for everyone hit up every complaint sites and you will see that we are all fighting this company left & right...i have 2 son's in the military and i do not know how much more i can take...at this point they can have this house...i suggest you all call you local tv stations and get in touch with their consumer reporters...if saxon doesn't step up...they will have a lot of abandoned houses & then it will be their problem....


I have had all these same problems!Nobody at Saxon tells you the same story twice.

I have all my fax confirmations and yet they stated they never received them! I have been waiting on this mod since May 09 ans still waiting! I have filed a complain with the FTC and also with Saxon escalation dept.

I filed a complain with saxon before but in my email an automatic message was sent taht they deleted it without being read!SOmething has got to be done to stop this company


i work for a mortgage banker and we work well with saxon mortgage.we have a great relationship not doing loan mods because loan mods dont help long term.

but we are able to in 70% of the case do a short refinance on a fha loan with them.

please call me to discuss on my office line at 954-354-8220


File a complaint with the FTC.gov consumer protection agency.The more people who complain about how Saxon is doing business with the potential for deceptive business practices, the more likely they will begin to take notice.

I personally have found that actually calling is useless. After I received a few email leads, I've only ever sent emails. It seems as if 'they' know something.

Service@saxonmsi.com / EscalationTeam@saxonmsi.com.

I was told they don't send final copies of the modifications.

(legal document, you must) Emailed them and within 2hrs I had a pdf copy.:)


I had tried to do a loan mod with Saxon also, after 7 months and myself and a friend who is an accountant trying to help I gave up, every time I called to find out the status they wanted to go over financials and when I explained NOTHING had changed I still had to go through it, No one could ever tell me what was going on and you could not get transferred to anyone in Loan Mod Dept.after all of the problems with Saxon I am now in foreclosure after being in my home for 11 1/2 years and putting over 25K in it to make it a better place to live, yes they refused payments of $1,100.00, $500.00, don't understand how they can do that. Now i'm waiting for someone to knock on my door to tell me I've got to move, they stink and should be penalized for what they are doing, I will get in touch with the Fed. Trade Comm and see what they think.


Sue: I am infact one of those 1% who were able to move through to the final stages.It isn't three months at all.

More like 6 to 8 months, sometimes even longer. For me, it was a long time coming and worth the fight. Our interst rate has been cut in half and our payments are now down by $350. A recent report from the congressional oversight panel has determined that only 1% of those who were offered a trial period have completed the process.

It's not that the money isnt there.. it's the middleman that's holding things up. Servicers and investors want their cut of the monies. Only trouble with that is people are losing their homes while servicers shuffle their feet.

google Congressional oversight panel and send them some info about your Modification trip.

I did and suddenly our case was expedited.wow!


Update from 11/1.I think I am doomed!!!

My husband is going to kill me for getting involed in this scam!!! I went from paying before the grace period to being 4K plus in the rears! I didn't even know what a loan mod was until I called in to make a pymt because the saxon online system was down. They told me they could lower my pymt with no problems!

Since my husband and I was doing without RX's I figured we would do it. We had nothing to lose. Now I know I am headed to loosing my house if they have thier way.

If anyone gets approved and has paperwork in hand please lmk.Thanks, Sue


O.K you guys are scarring me!!!I wasn't behind in my mortage but making the pymt on the 15th of each month just before I rec'd a late fee.

I called to make my pymt because the online system was down. The rep told me about the remod program and said We quilified. I am just about to make my third trial period pymt. and I have returned the paper work.

Please prey for me that I won't get screwed. I just tried the web site to pay my pymt and it is GONE!!!! O.K....I am getting worried!

LMK @ sueclendenny@yahoo.com what you think is or will happen to me.Thanks, Sue


They turned me down, too.My husband passed away in March and I thought they would help modify the loan so I could keep the house.

In addition, they paid my taxes and insurance, which I already paid and that sends my payment way over what I can afford. Don't try to talk to anyone.....no one knows what the other is doing. We have fought with them several times and they could give a .....

I am now going through NACA and hope that they can do something!Also, I found all my paperwork and Saxon doesn't even hold the note to my house.


We have been trying to do a loan modification since Oct 2008 we were turned down from saxon so we hired a company and were approved for a mod though we keep getting denied do to them needing more paper wok neither company seems to be doing anything we just are getting further in debt and closer to loosing our home we are on a ajustable rate we just asked for a set rate im at 9.1% now Were in wyoming theres no help here.

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