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I am like most of america my husband lost his job.I did not choose saxon they were about the fifth company that bought my mortgage in the great american meltdown, I did not re fi my home into the upside down standards and contribute to the depression and take the money and run.My payment was initialy about 2 weeks late (I had to go full time an get the money together, but I did that) I western unioned the money to ease the delay, but they just waited 15 days to tell me it wasn't a full payment, so now I'm more behind I call them they tell me exactly how much money to send I go that very minute send the money and now they wait wait 18 days to send me a note that this one is not eough.(after they qouted me the exact amount to send) now I'm in the rears some 5000,00 something.

Now they decide they can't talk to me cuz only my husbands name is on the loan although my name is on the house.

I fax them permission talk to my wife or talk to my attorney pick your poison, wait two days, call them they say it will take 7 to 10 days to receive a fax (facsimile look up the definition) now I'm three months behind so they can foreclose, nevermind I've sent money all along.The people need to wake up, they get my house not upside down mind you AIG pays them with my taxes AIG sells it cheap mkes money sues me for the remainder two companies make money off my house, me and my family are displaced they get richer great scam huh?

Monetary Loss: $230.

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