I got into a bad financial situation with the economy and the cost of gas and health insurance prices raising and so I asked Saxon to consider doing In Deed of Leu of Foreclosure and they strung me along for months first saying that they never received my paperwork when they gave me the fax number to fax it to and I paid around $22 at drug mart to fax it and it said everything went through ok.I mailed it and still waited on an answer until October and they changed all the locks before filing with the court.

They said since I didn't put it on the market for 90 days prior to trying to do the In deed in Lou of Foreclosure that they couldn't do it. Why didn't they tell me this upfront? Maybe because they weren't going to do it from the start.

Now they said that they will mail the keys to me to put it on the market which I could have done along time ago if they would have mentioned it and court gave me 30 days before an answer which I may slow down with going through bankruptcy now but what I don't understand is they would rather get less money out of it with a Sheriff sale then to take the deed and sell it for more.Do they have a lot of money to throw away?

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