I would LOVE o join this class action.They goated me for 9 mo.

Even told me that all was in motion. 4 days later I got a letter that I didn't meet Net Present Value. But they still want me to meet the Note. I believe that even the people that answer the phones should be held in this action.

Its time to take ACTION people. This is a company that worked I think from another (NOVA STAR).

They could have been working together?I wonder how much they got from the government while they screwed all of their victim's

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Fairdale, Kentucky, United States #171380

why waste your time saxon is only getting bigger research that since it is a fact


This sounds all too familiar. Try one 1/2 years of being strung along.


i to am dealing with saxon.i applied for hamp was approved did my 3 mionths.

never got the paper work they told me numerous time they were behind on the paper work. 8 months later my mtg went up 500,00. no paper work. this is how they get you no paper work.

and every time you call you get a diferent story. all they want is money i'm ready to fight saxon. yes we made a bad decision getting these homes. but at the same time we were dealing with well educated people that took us for granted.

now they got our money and want to put us and our families on the streets.lets work together lets get justice 209 537-6252


Now are you REALLY pissed enough to take action that will send these companies begging you to tell them what it will take to make you go away?The way to achieve this is through a forensic mortgage audit done by certified professionals.

Want to learn more about what the modification offices are not telling you?

endlessfrauddetection.com can provide a Federal, State and City code specific audit. Once completed either a request for more information OR a letter of Rescission demanding the return of ALL money paid in and that the security interest is void and to remove them selves from claim of the title. A majority of the audits generate the rescission letter. Then there is the litigation paperwork that can be provided for any lawyer to take and file in court.

They do not want a jury of 12 homeowners wondering if they were defrauded as well. When they beg you to know how much it will cost to make you go away, remind them it is all in your prayer for relied in the complaint.

Now lets take this country back one home at a time.You have remedy and it is the law and the audits will show the violations of the law.


How much, is of public record.Frankly, way to much given they aren't doing what the money was for.

It's a numbers game for them. In 2008, when they should have been assisting their borrowers with modifications and forbearance programs, they were doubling their sub prime portfolio. The 'rumor' that the gov. was looking at providing assistance through servicers was a perfect reason.

If they increase their sub prime portfolio then the incentives would be higher. They stand to gain 3 to 5 thousand PER LOAN - it was worth the risk. For the borrowers... it's their home and all they worked for.

But for Saxon...it's just a numbers game and at the end of the day (to them) you win some and you lose some.

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