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Saxon Mortgage are Predatory lenders, they are a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley.In case you didn't know Morgan Stanley took bail-out money from the government.

That being said, why are they giving everybody the run around about loan modifications. Simply, because they can. I would suggest to anyone having these problems with Saxon go to this site: this is the Congressional Oversight Panel, write them and tell them your story. Someone needs to know what's going on at Saxon.

I have dealt with Saxon for about a year trying to get my loan modified. They have lied to me from the beginning about a loan mod. They told me I had to fall behind on my loan before they could assist me. The tax paying Americans are being screwed and nobody gives a ***.

It's all one big scam, Morgan Stanley is Saxon and Saxon is Ocwen they set up these corporations to do their dirty work in.

If something goes wrong and it will either Saxon or Ocwen, the pawns take the hit and if you are an employee of Saxon some of you will be in the same shoes as some of us pretty soon.They are going to lay some of you off, then we'll see if you still have the smug attitude when your mortgage company starts lying to you when you lose your job.

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Thanks soo Much for the post!It opened my eyes!

Everything with my homw was great UNTIL I got transferred to Saxon from GMAC!

I never asked to be transferred!I'm going to get a LAwyer involved!!


Sent an e-mail to Oversight Panel. Hope someone reads it.

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